Introducing myself through Chandler Bing GIFs.

I uhh…


I’m kidding. My name is Bianca and I love almost absolutely everything. I want to become a film director someday and I also want to become an author. Yes, just like Chandler Bing. I have a knack for poetry, which is a bipolar thing for me. I get hyped on certain things and it happens quite faster than it should. I tried blogging before, but I messed it up.


I’m quite flexible, because for some reasons, if you give me time, I will learn to love it. For example, I didn’t like stuff like TV shows because my parents taught me to hate it (or because I keep on using a fork, thinking that it will go through the TV and it will hit the antagonist’s heart and it will DIE). But back in high school, I got interested again. And it flourished, with stuff like that.

Basically, I just love everything. Except adult novels. We’ll grow into those. But hey, just in case, I will mostly blog about movies and ya novels. Just saying. And maybe I will rant on how I never get noticed by the man of my dreams.


I am currently studying in college somewhere in Manila, Philippines. I have zero filter and I have an American sense of humor. I gained it from watching a lot of Saturday Night Live and Friends. Chandler Bing is my spirit animal.

giphy (11)

Oh why did I decide to do this…

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