Book Unhaul #1 + Bookshelf Update


I have been very productive with my shelves lol. I bought 3 new books and I will approximately buy 2 more books for the rest of the month. I acquired 5 books in just the later part of July. It has now come to my attention that I could really buy a lot of books in just a month. Holy cow. Wow. So that means I could buy like 10 next August. My book dreams are becoming a reality. Yay!

On that side note, before I can show my July book haul (which I will be posting next week as soon as the books I ordered arrive), I will share the books I unhauled because you know, shelf space reasons. It has come to my attention that I will not be picking up these books anytime soon and that they need a new home. I’ll give some of those to my friends and probably donate most of them.


1. The Magician’s Nephew or Book 1 of The Chronicles of Narnia

Reason: Because I plan to buy my mother a whole pack of the series in hard bound. Which is more efficient to read in. I really liked the series but unfornately the copy has to go.

2. Confessions of A Shopaholic or Book One of The Shopaholic Series

Reason: Same with my reason for giving away the Magician’s Nephew. It’s just so worn out that I don’t even know if the book is complete.

3. The Door Behind the Wall

Reason: I haven’t read nor will I ever. I won the book when I was like in 4th or 5th grade because our class had the most books. No one wanted the book so they gave it to me. I tried reading it but I just can’t. It’s about an injured boy named Robin who was taken cared of by a monk and it was set in the time of “Robin Hood” himself. It’s a really short book with pictures so I might ask my sister to read it first before I give the final verdict.

4. W Juliet

Reason: I outgrew my manga buying habits. The story is interesting though. But I’m guilty of buying it just because of the title. It’s about a tomboy in a drama club who falls for a girl, who’s actually a boy pretending to be a girl so that his family will approve of his dreams in becoming an actor. It’s a pretty cute story but I have to say bye bye 😦

5. Bird Kiss

Reason: Same with #4. But it’s also a Korean manga, that is read left to right. It’s basically ugly guy turning into a prince but his princess/childhood friend who is the main character still rejects him.

6. Afterschool Charisma

Reason: Same with #4. But in fair words, I might try and buy mangas again in the future. I might actually sell this one for a high price. It’s because it’s issue #1 and how rare are those? But then… IT’S ISSUE #1. I’m torn if I want to keep it or not. It’s agreeing to disagree with myself ugh.

7. Star Wars: The Ghost of the Jedi

Reason: Same with #2. I never read it. It may be Star Wars but I just don’t feel like reading it. I received it as a prize for borrowing the most books in our library back in 5th grade. I borrowed wait for it… 74 books in just the 2nd quarter. I beated my best friend and two honor students in borrowing 73 and 72 respectively. But since I put it on my shelf, it just sat there. 😦

8. The Cahill Files: Operation Trinity

Reason: It was my birthday back then when it was newly released so I bought it. But yeah, haven’t been read since then. Time to let it go.

Whew. Yeah. Goodbye books. 😦 There’s my book unhaul. It’s painful to let them go but then again, if you didn’t even bother to read it, might as well give it a new home.

What do you think about my book unhaul guys? Should I keep the Afterschool Charisma? Haha. Comment your thoughts below. 🙂

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