My Love-Hate Relationship with E-books

Oh. My. God.

I hate my teenager hormones. They’re exhausting and they are not fun at all. It feels like a slump but I have been reading Throne of Glass since yesterday and I won’t be stopping anytime soon so it is definitely not a slump. So what is this magical feeling of hatred?

I have an issue with ebooks.

I just hate myself because I don’t have the physical copy of the book so I have to bear with an e-book. But as much as I want to read Throne of Glass, the format is just so tiring to look at that I can’t get past 20 pages without taking a break. And Throne of Glass is what, like 350 pages? How am I supposed to sit through that with my cellphone? I hate the feeling of holding the phone. I already feel like my body is filled with radiation from reading on my phone. It’s not cool and it’s not great. I like what I’m reading, but I definitely don’t like the format I am reading from. I want to flip real pages and feel how far I go. I want my own copy. Agh it’s just so uncomfortable. Like sometimes I feel like my fingers are turning squishy.

Physical books are my heaven. It’s the real deal. It has the library smell from your shelf and you can’t even be less mad about it. I don’t care if the book did not have good reviews. I wouldn’t buy it in the first place if it was actually horrible. Plus, it supports the author. Nothing makes an author happier than seeing another person love their work so much.

But I don’t know.

Anyone out there who shares my hatred?

Or someone who understands hormones?



My phone fell on my face. Yeah, it hurt so bad that I got a bump. Lol. Well, physical books give those, too SO THEY’RE 60/40 on this one.


4 thoughts on “My Love-Hate Relationship with E-books

  1. I 100% agree that physical books are better, but I still like my Kindle because of how easy it is to carry around. Since I began living on my own, I’ve been living in extremely small places (first dorms and now an apartment) where I just don’t have the space for books. I have one small bookshelf right now, but the rest of my physical books are at my parents’ house. There is absolutely no room in this place for me to fit more, so I’ve learned to make due with just the Kindle. (I’m also living in Japan, so it’s much, much easier to get English books as ebooks than as physical books.) Still, it’s never going to be like reading a physical book, and I feel your pain.


  2. Oh those hormones and the magic of books is a powerful combination! I only read on my phone when I’m out and waiting, like in the doctor’s office. For me a book that is just good to read is okay in an ebook. But for those that transport me to those other worlds I enjoy exploring, I must have the hard copy. That page is my permanent connection to the memory of my adventure inside. Thank you, Bianca for following along at Hyperion Sturm. I enjoy your fresh views expressed on your blog. And as for hormones, they are us and we are them. Be friends and enjoy the craziness of where they like to take you. πŸ™‚

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  3. Funny rant! I unfortunately don’t feel the same. I love ebooks for my tablet. Sometimes if a big is ginormous, I would rather read it on my tablet. But that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy physical books too, because I absolutely love them!


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