Rainy Day Thoughts #3: Paradox of A Photographer

Rainy Day

Not everything that you capture on camera is beautiful, but it is something that is beautiful.

As my professor said, “You have to take 10,000 shots before you can finally have a photo that satisfies your tastes.” Since I have been holding a camera since I was 9, does that make me a good photographer? Frankly, in decency, calling myself a photographer gets a big YES. But calling myself a good photographer gets a big NO. And why do I think that is?

If you have a camera, then you are a photographer. You captured a photo, so therefore, you are someone who takes photos. The question is: Is the photograph good enough? How do you know if it is good enough? What is your basis?

I’ll make this short, because I still have to review for a quiz in Photography tomorrow lol. The point is, even if the photo you are taking is good, it is never good enough. Let’s be honest here. How many shots did you take to get that perfect photo on your Instagram? Sometimes, if you’re lucky, just one. But just like any other human being, you repeat the process until you realize that you take too much.

I am still not in the position to judge another person’s photographs. But taking up a photography class really opened my eyes a lot. And I swear, those photos I took when I was younger were a little bit tedious. I’m not saying you should take a photography class, too. For the same reason that a photographer’s canvas is the world. So go ahead and take photographs. And remember to tell something that matters in it.

tumblr_mb38ycdwg91rr6ht5Ugh, I feel like Chandler’s gif is your reaction right now. Sorry. The rain makes me think.

Now if you will excuse me, I have quiz tomorrow. 😀

P.S. I am not offending anyone. Please don’t hunt me down.

5 thoughts on “Rainy Day Thoughts #3: Paradox of A Photographer

  1. I find this intriguing because I both agree and disagree. Of course, you taking a photography class, you have more knowledge on the semantics of photography than I. However, although you do take multiple photos to get that right shot, I disagree that it isn’t good enough. Photography is art, and art is up for a million and one interpretations. When I take a photo, and I capture a moment, I can look back on that moment and the deeper meaning I had for taking that photo. You can look at this photo, of say Times Square at sunset. You will see a picture of a dark skinned girl looking with awe into the lights. The lights bright behind her, the people in front of her, and some people far away from her. Some will look at this photo and see just the girl. Just the lights. And some will see the emotion, and almost feel the threads of a beautiful moment slipping away as the sun in a city disappears behind buildings once more. It’s all in how you interpret it, and the feeling you have for this photo, and what you think this photo means. It’s more about the artistic interpretation, than the scale of what another measures as “good enough”, if that makes any sense at all.

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