Fangirl Corner: Giving More Love to YA Guys

Fangirl Corner

I am so pumped into finally launching this. As my blog progresses, you’ll know. I really love everything. 😀

This week on Fangirl Corner:

YA Males

After doing the Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge, I decided to post quotes from books that have male lead characters in it. Because in seriousness, nowadays, while reading in a girl’s perspective, (and I am so sorry for this) I find them a bit bratty and snotty. Like they’re always hiding something and life has to be perfect and why can’t that guy notice me. Then it hit me. I have been reading a lot of books with a guy’s perspective. And I am really enjoying all of it. These guys need more love than what they think they deserve. (Charlie <3)

So far, the reviews here on my blog are mostly stuff about guys. I just think that they need more appreciation, although I didn’t notice it until the challenge. I swear. And to think that my next review is about a movie centered on a male lead, well. Coincidence? I think not.

What I will be doing in this section is what I would be doing for the rest of August and September. Basically I will sort of put tags on hold first. But not to worry, I already drafted it. Teehee.

I will focus on:

1. Reviewing YA books with boys as the narrator or center of the story.

Honestly, I haven’t read some of the books that is on that poster I made. But then again, I absolutely loved everything else that I have read up there. I have some high expectations on some of the books up there. And I will review them!

2. Admiration posts

Spread the love for YA male leads. They are the best. Those are some very rereadable books in times of doubt and YKWIM. Plus, they really deserve more love. Each of them have their own significance on the cosmic plain.

3. Discovering more and more books with male leads

I know that there are a lot of books out there with fantastic male leads. I just can’t wait to find them. I have been incessantly stalking and browsing all over the internet for YA books that have male leads. I already have a pile stacked (mostly ebooks though).

and last but definitely not the least…

4. Book Haul of Fangirl-ishness featuring male YA authors.

John Green, David Levithan, Robyn Schneider, Matthew Quick, Ned Vizzini… to name a few. I was on a book buying ban because I am saving for a sale. Now the world is at my feet.

Which I think will probably go on a few months until my birthday (October).

Now the fun part of this fangirl corner is that:

You can join me if you want to. But if I am messing with your TBR, that is also okay. Even fanboys can join. 🙂

This post’s link is up for grabs just in case you want to join. Comment below if you’re interested in joining. 😀

Hope you enjoyed my fangirl corner. But for the meantime,


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