Fangirl Issues: How I Got Traumatized by Book Sales

I just cannot even. This actually happened yesterday, when my twin and I went to a 90% off book sale.

Because of tradition, fangirl issues are narrated with the help of Chandler Bing gifs.

(Note: Not really my twin-twin but my best friend friend twin)

I have been saving for the sale for like a week. I was really enthusiastic because for goodness sakes. IT’S 90% off. It was a painful week for me. God knows what book buying bans can do to your brain. Oh the agony.

Then finally, I wholeheartedly screamed TGIF. I can finally buy books! Yes.

So me and my twin ventured out to a place where both of us haven’t exactly been to. I know the place but I always go there via our own car and never by commuting. We were a bit anxious about the whole situation.

Then we arrived at the bookstore. At first, we thought it was the wrong one. I thought the building only has two floors. We asked security if we were in the right one and he said we are. I was all like, “So this has four floors. Oooh.”

After a few giggling and stopping briefly on the 2nd floor’s YA section, we put our game faces on. But then by the time we reached the 4th floor, my stomach turned. There were so many people.

My twin was thinking the same thing although I still went to go on to find some books. I said to myself, “You have a fangirl corner to uphold.” Then a staff dropped a book box near a table and people just grabbed a handful of books in it. I actually managed to snag a book in the box which is A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray. People fought for the box because it was full of YA books at 90% off. Then my twin pointed out a James Dashner book which is the prequel to The Maze Runner which is The Kill Order. I was about to reach for it when a girl snatched it away and gave it to her friend saying, “You like this one, right?”. Wow, it really is the hunger games. :/

We went on to the other shelves, hoping to find any lost chance for a YA book. I actually snagged a couple of books from the Blue Bloods series. But then I realized… I have read the books. I was ready to pay and my twin scouted for some more stuff but OH MY GOD.

The line for the cashier was ridiculously long! I mean saying that it is long is an understatement. That is the longest queue that I have seen in my entire life. Little by little, I dropped my books one by one. Minutes later, my twin said that it has been an hour and I barely moved in the line. We have less than two hours to get back to school so as to not miss a class. Tearfully, I said goodbye to the copy of A Thousand Pieces of You and left it on a shelf where it could be easily snagged by someone.

But of course, I wasn’t leaving the bookstore empty-handed. I went to the 2nd floor YA section and bought myself a book on my priority list. Feels good to get that book for my bookshelf. I will feature it on my August book haul. šŸ™‚

Lesson/s learned:

  1. Always be early whenever there’s a book sale.
  2. Be prepared. Bring water.
  3. Do not go even if it’s a 5-hour vacant before your next class.
  4. Be prepared to say sorry if ever you snagged a book from a box. If you think it’s one of those boxes that the bookstore suddenly drops, it’s not.
  5. Prepare your introvert self to combat mean bookworms.

And that is the end of the story of how I failed at my first warehouse sale.

P.S. Now I am really scared because when I was in that warehouse sale, people were buying YA books in BOXES. I thought it was like the box the staff dropped but then they were all snotty and were like, “Excuzeee me. That’s myinneee.” I am so sorry. I don’t know how this works. It’s my first time. Please don’t be snotty.

Me and my crazy shenanigans.


12 thoughts on “Fangirl Issues: How I Got Traumatized by Book Sales

  1. My country never do this kind of sales, much less with books… I’m jealous even that the experience was awful, haha! I hope you can do it next time! I’mm be cheering šŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  2. o.o That sounds insane. And while I literally laughed at this post it also made me cringe. šŸ˜‰ The only thing I can even relate to that is Black Friday shopping when a little old lady literally ran over me with a shopping cart. I was 14, I haven’t gone Black Friday shopping ever again. (I’m 31 now, if that tells you anything about how bad it was.) I don’t know if I could go to a book sale like that, you are far braver than I would be going in there.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha! Well, to be fair, your sale sounded more polite? Black Friday is full on rudeness at some points. People run all over and they will trample you. After a few of the stores ended in deaths with people getting smashed to the doorways and trampled on.. (Over sales, which I find ridiculous.), they started going about it differently. You hear less about that now, thankfully. You did for sure get the snatchy people and long lines though. I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone had taken something right out of your hand, heh, you for sure got a taste of what it’s like though.

        If you did ebooks, I could see if my copy of A Thousand Piece of You is lendable via Kindle.

        Liked by 1 person

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