Happy Newt Day!

Apparently my alarm went on today reminding me that it’s Newt Day 🙂


September 7 is a day for fans of The Maze Runner series to celebrate Newt Day. It is a whole day dedicated to Newt, the second-in-command in the Maze.

Thomas Brodie Sangster _ THE MAZE RUNNER

Newt is the reason why I still want to read The Maze Runner series. But he is also the reason why I don’t want to read it. As some of you know, in my Bedtime Book Tag I chose The Death Cure as the book that would be horrible to live in. He’s the reason. Well, most of it… okay the entire reason. He just gave a breathe of fresh air to the series. Alas, Newt. Oh James Dashner… 😦


But of course in lieu with the celebration, we must not forget the man who immortalized Newt on the silver screen. And that is: Thomas Brodie-Sangster.


I fancy Thomas Sangster. I swear if I will ever work in the film industry, I would love to work with him. Maybe… but then again I might die because of my heart that exploded in the moment. I mean that guy voiced Ferb, took on the role of Paul McCartney, and played the part of Jojen Reed in GoT. I love every bit of his work. Oh Mr. Brodie-Sangster, I hope to meet you one day.


In celebration of Newt Day, I will flood you with Newt pictures. Newt deserves more love! Happy Newt Day lovelies! And always remember Newt, because he got us all bloody inspired.

bb2d0417ffbd839be58ad285bac21250 Newt_Character_Still superthumb tumblr_inline_nezsvrbGvA1t4z5zd tumblr_nhuscbHxRv1u6smc7o1_400

I love this day so much. He is practically the coolest character ever. Love him to bits. I’m off to celebrate.



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