How I Met Your Mother Season 1 Review

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Okay hear me out. I have been reading. And I have been studying extensively. But just last Sunday, I started marathon -ing Season 1 of ______________ and How I Met Your Mother. Both are popular series and I will post my recap of the first season of the other show approximately after I watch the 2nd season. πŸ˜€

So… How I Met Your Mother huh?


To be honest, I am still in my Friends slump.(Wow, what a great way to start reviewing *sarcasm intended*)

But to be fair, my take on the series is fairly average. But then again, I am only on season 1 so I don’t have a say… except on the characters.

Robin and Ted are two INDECISIVE individuals. It’s on. Wait… no it’s off. NO WAIT! It’s on again… No. Off. It’s just so confusing. And that’s only Season 1. Not that I find anything wrong with that but seriously?


Lily and Marshall are the It couple. They just click and it’s like they’re the definition of each other. You can’t really take Marshall seriously without Lily and Lily is not Lilypad without her Marshmallow. #RelationshipGoals


… I have no words for Barney. It’s just too strong, I can’t take it. Kinda tastes like a… coffee that is really, really strong. And when I see Barney, I remember his psyched CD from episode 11. For those interested, I am linking that one below. Believe me, that got me psyched while I was just listening to the episode while we were working on a project. (To my defense, it was totally legal. I was not even making a sound and no one knew that I was listening to episodes of HIMYM.)



I know. My take is a little bit weird. But I guess I will have to watch the 2nd season to figure some stuff out. In the meantime, this fangirl is going to stalk some booktubers.


5 thoughts on “How I Met Your Mother Season 1 Review

  1. How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite shows. I adore it. I’m one of the few people who have only seen a few episodes(mainly because they air reruns on tv at night.) I’ve never watched the entire show, but from I saw they’re definitely similarities between Friends and HIMYM.

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