An Open Letter: Using The Word “Hate”


Dear haters,

How is it that you have the time to hate? You could have used that time for something more useful, like admiring what you love.

If you think that it was a mistake, then you say something about it without using the word “hate”. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone can learn from it. But you do not use the word “hate” on something that a person has poured their heart and soul into. For it is of equivalence of crushing their heart and soul as well.

If you think that it was a waste of time, then don’t spend the remaining time telling other people to hate on it as well. It is like ostracizing a certain person for being different and unique. Maybe other people want to be friends with it. But as I said earlier, people make mistakes. Let them make mistakes so that they will know that it is a mistake. A mistake is better internalized if one person felt it himself/herself. Much like an experience. You have added your “wisdom”, but it is still up to the person. Don’t make it your habit to stop them from trying a personal experience. If after that they share your sentiments then, good. Now you have someone to talk to. But for God’s sake, don’t start a cult. But if they like what they felt, mind your own life.

If you really “dislike” it, then don’t keep on repeating it. I don’t want it crammed down my throat. And other people don’t want stuff crammed down their throats as well.

Exhibit A: I hate ___________________!


Exhibit B: Look at me, hating on ______________.

Sweet niblets. I have a question though, how many hours did you spend just thinking about the perfect method of hating that particular thing? Gee, how humanity has changed. You must be such a great person.

I made this letter to explain my thoughts. But it is also up to you if you follow it or not. We all have our differences and I don’t really care if you loathe some stuff or not. It still won’t make any difference because another person loves it nonetheless.

Have a nice day haters.

Best wishes, Bianca

10 thoughts on “An Open Letter: Using The Word “Hate”

  1. Personally if someone has a negative opinion about a book I would like to hear about it just as much as I would want to know about positive opinions. If all we heard was praise we would be expecting everything to be amazing, which isn’t true.

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    1. I know. But it’s not really about reviews… it’s just about using the word “hate”. I felt like it is too powerful to use when you can use other words like “intense dislike” or “passionate unliking” or shorter ones like “detest” or “loathe”, which is more up to point. And it can also help the person to explain why. :)))


  2. What a creative way to shush all haters! Well done Bianca! Funny Fact: most “haters” actually have a tendency to read books from the kind of genres that they hate so much o.0 Wonder why.

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  3. I hate when people hate. It gets on my nerves. I mean we dont care if you hate something just say it to yourself not to the actual person that is just rude! Also I love the Chandler Bing Gifs!

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  4. I think being hater is the same as fangirling, only fueled by a different emotion. I agree with you though, I don’t see the point of persecuting someone / something over and over again to make a point, like kicking someone you already pushed into the ground.

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