September Wrap-Up


So tell me, how did September pass by so quickly? I didn’t feel its presence at all. (Except maybe that first week for my midterms…) Sad to say it is over too soon. I mean, a lot has definitely happened and I know that it is mostly for the greater good but hey, it is all good.

But on the bright side, October releases are just the best things in the world. Birthday’s getting nearer and I am so scared. I thought I would be 17 forever. 😦

But I have to say: Enough rambling and let’s get it on with this wrap-up already.

Books in the freezer:

The_House_of_Hades24376529  all-the-bright-places-jkt


The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Crown Of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

I don’t know why I was so giddy this September. Maybe it’s because of having this drugged effect that is from getting too hyped about books. I don’t know. I felt attracted to reading more about Celaena Sardothien and all that hype on Queen of Shadows is just too darn high.

Books finished:

Son_of_Neptune_Final_Cover  the-secret-paris-cinema-club  The_Mark_of_Athena_cover_art

The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

The Secret Paris Cinema Club by Nicolas Barreau

The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

Uncle Rick, be proud of me! ♡ I am almost done with the series. Although at this pace, I think I would want to slow down because I won’t have any more Percy or Leo in my life. But I just cannot stop reading it. I’m attached to it like a glue!

Books I got:

Book Haul #1

Books Reviewed:

Dr. Bird’s Advice For Sad Poets by Evan Roskos

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

I swear I am still in awe. I read 3 books this month. AND I LOVE IT. Gosh, if only I could stop getting reading slumps. And also, I will be posting about a giveaway soon. Stay tuned. ❤


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