The Mockingjay Reading Experience

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How long has it been since the last time I picked this book up? I remember plummeting into darkness after finishing Catching Fire, but I don’t remember much after that. If my memory serves me right, I could consider Mockingjay as the first book that I have ever DNF’ed. It is in the proper sense, since I barely got through the first chapter. Maybe because Catching Fire was too good and I felt like Suzanne Collins betrayed me while I was reading Mockingjay. It started out dull and boring, that I never bothered to even work my way through it.

But that was years ago. Now as full-grown teenager, I want to read the conclusion of the series that has broken my heart. I don’t care what my old self thinks about Mockingjay. I am going to read it and I will conclude the series once and for all. It’s time to accept the fact that the trilogy is over, and that I must let go, no matter what the conclusion is. (Even if I know the conclusion because duh, spoilers) Thus, I bring to you my Mockingjay reading experience.

One of the restraints my past self has encountered is the pressure of having someone breathing in my ear to finish it as soon as possible. I hated the feeling, because it is not just one person.

“Blah blah blah, FINISH IT ALREADY.”



Now that the hype has slightly toned down, I can now enjoy reading Mockingjay with just the library due date as my time constraint.


Sorry guys. I still haven’t finished it. And I am sorry to have built an enormous premise of chivalry and honor. I am sorry Mockingjay, you are bit bland. But don’t worry, once I see you on our school’s library shelf, I would be glad to pick you up again. I was already halfway but then the deadline crawled up on me. I realized that I could not marathon it on the day of the due date like what I did for The Son of Neptune. Still #DNF.

Sorry for trolling you guys. I just missed blogging so much that I decided to post this instead. There you go. Another bookish first.


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