Blog Tour: FATEFUL TURNS (A #StrangeLit Anthology) (Review)

Hello and welcome to your first stop for Fateful Turns (A #StrangeLit Anthology). This will be a 5-day blog tour hosted by Dianne at Oops! I Read A Book Again and it showcases paranormal/fantasy short story anthologies written by Filipino authors.

“#StrangeLit was a writing class held in 2015. For five weeks, participating authors wrote paranormal/fantasy stories, and it is a collection of work produced during the class. Read more #StrangeLit stories in the anthologies INCREDIBLE TRUTHS, DARKEST DREAMS, and KILLER SEASONS.”

I decided to pick the stories that stood out the most for me, but rest assured that all of the stories featured in Fateful Turns is incredible and all are enticing stories of fantasy and paranormal activity.


A novel by Nina Tuballes

Fifty years ago on the 21st of December 2012, the world as we knew it, ended.
The earth was divided into two territories: Babylon and Necropolis. Babylonians believe that it was God’s wrath that caused the cataclysmic event that led to whatever the world has become. Some believed it to be a scientific phenomenon, but only those who wields the power of Spirit knows the truth.
Prophesied Savior of Humankind, that’s what Serenity is for the wielders. The strongest among them. But is her strength enough to deal with her brother’s lie, her altered memories, the cult that rapes and kills women, the Risen who devours the living, and the truth about everything?
Will Dime, her broken and clueless soul mate, be able to save her from herself? And will she on the other hand, have the power to save Dime from himself?

With the immense power in her hands, saving the world seem as easy as one, two, three, but as seduction and the pleasure of it tingling at her fingertips, the chance of being consumed and destroyed by it increases.

Please don’t get me wrong with my rating but I have a few reasons why I gave that rating.

First, Serenity is one complex human being. It was quite a bit of a challenge to bear with her, especially when she banters with Dime. Serenity to me is more of in the process of finding herself than her soulmate, Dime. In honesty, the way Serenity handles herself, which is a characteristic that made Serenity complex and unrelateable. Nonetheless, I admire her somewhat complicated relationship with Dime, but it seems to be built on a foundation of lust. The cliffhanger did not help, because Serenity just did not fit my cup of tea. Dime on the other hand, gets on pretty fast. I liked how his character developed and how he handled most of the events like a proper adult.

Overall, the story was not meant for me. But it did have its moments where I reached the point where I could not put it down. It went on too fast.

The Lady In Pink

A novella by Carla de Guzman

Martha Ford can see ghosts. She always has, and when she moved to Paris, she’s found that ghosts are much better company than real people can ever be. She takes a job cleaning up an apartment in the Ninth Arrondisement where she and Henri Beaugiron stumble across the portrait of his great-great Grandmother, Marthe de Florian. But Marthe’s ghost is determined to take over Martha’s body, and unless Martha can find out why, she could lose everything to the city of Lights.

This story was just brilliant. It is uncanny and it made feel like I was walking and visiting the museums and galleries in France. Thanks to the wonderful way Carla de Guzman has written this story. It was so beautifully written that I could not get enough of the story. It made me want to visit Paris for myself, and not just to learn more about Marthe de Florian, but to also walk on the same streets Martha and Henri were. The writing was exquisite and detailed. Shame that it was a novella because I would gladly read more of it. The story transported me into their world because it was just my cup of tea.

Martha Ford is the type of heroine that is a mix of a damsel not quite distressed, even if she was a slight introvert. I could easily root for her and Henri’s budding Parisian romance. Meanwhile, Marthe de Florian is one character that needs understanding, but you have to read more to see why. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

I don’t regret giving it a five star rating. It just blew me away and I love the author to bits now.

Harvesting Nightblooms

A novella by Will J. Sarm

Prom is supposedly the most memorable night of a teenage girl’s life. But when Alexis Briar wakes up in a coffin, in an entirely different world, her prom experience is about to go on a whole other level of unforgettable. Summoned to the plague-ridden world of Endor by Ash, a mysterious boy with powers over the dead, he tells her that her only way back is if she helps him save his world from a rabid disease. Not exactly the easiest thing to do. Can Alexis do the impossible and make it back home, or will she end up marooned in Endor with the necromancer with whom she has never felt more alive?

Harvesting Nightblooms is quite a refreshing story. First of all, the setting was new to me. I mean, who wakes up in a coffin and suddenly gets tied to a stake and then gets rescued by a handsome man while wearing their prom dress? Exactly. Second, the fusion between our world and the world of Endor was funny. Alex keeps on speaking about it while Ash looks amused. Alex is definitely one spunky girl who also is a damsel not quite distressed seeing as when she seems to get how Endor is, she tries her best to blend in. Ash on the other hand is dreamy in a nice way. I can see why Alex would just want to swoon over him.

The story kept me on my feet and with my heart racing. The pace was enough for me to keep up and it was definitely because of the budding suspense on what lies upon the country of Endor. How everything is tied with Alex and what she has to do with it. All the shocks came at the right place and at the right time.

I cannot give any more details but I loved the ending of this one so much because it was perfect. Although, there may be some loop holes to the story, the ending made it better. Enough to satisfy my fangirl heart. To be clear, I ship Ash and Alex so bad and it just makes me very happy.

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