Fangirl Issues: Being A Neurotic Reader

Fangirl Issues

It all started when I decided to go to my Goodreads page. The amount of books that I have read this year is pretty low, considering that this was the year that my bookshelf was revamped and was fed more books.tumblr_lmayp5yjCf1qafrh6Then I realized that I just read one book in October. Yes, I read some chapters to keep me calm under the state of pressure (finals month). I switch through a lot of books because some of them lure me in their ebook format – but as I said before, I want a physical copy so that I could finish the whole thing. I mean sure, I read some stories because I joined something. Does that count? Still, I’m juggling a lot of books.anigif_enhanced-982-1432235818-11One night, it dawned on me. I must be a neurotic reader. I mean, I have no TBR’s. I read whatever floats my boat. I just pick whatever I want. Then they pile up. And I go “Ahhhhhh”, because I started on a lot of books and the information is cramped. So many books…tumblr_mb641bl1Iz1r1guvio1_500.gifI got the term “neurotic” from Jasmine at Jasmine Pearl Reads. It was a question she once asked while she was hosting a #WeekendYAParty chat. I realized it then, and I was equally proud. But is it really something to be proud of if you’re doing a book blog and barely review anything?godZwzuThat being said, it’s hard to be a neurotic reader. I don’t even know how to even deal with it. I am fully aware of what is up with me, yet you may be thinking: Why don’t I just make a TBR for every month. Sadly, I can’t. I never stick to it. Do I succumb to creating TBR’s? Uhmm no. And I’ll explain why. Since I am a neurotic reader, my TBR’s will be proven useless. For the reason that I will switch to books that are not on my TBR list. Self-control issues? I don’t know.

Do you guys know how to solve the problems of a neurotic reader like me?

Is it even curable?

HELP.giphy (4)

The dark side of the Force is seducing me.


8 thoughts on “Fangirl Issues: Being A Neurotic Reader

  1. I can relate to that! Honestly, I make TBR every months and never respect them. But maybe if you do a readalong or a challenge (like a 5books7days for example) it can help because you will be more motivated!


  2. LOL! I do have TBR’s and Must-Read shelves, but there are times when I just grab a random book and start reading. If it doesn’t hold my attention, I jump to a new one. I do use Goodreads a lot when I start/finish a book, that way I can keep up with my reviews for my blog. Still, I’m learning to NOT review everything on my blog and just leave a mini review on GR. Reading can be a neurotic experience, but that’s neither here nor there. Just keep doing you! Great post!

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  3. Lol. I can fully relate. I keep starting books and then buying more and reading a completely different one because it caught me eye. My currently reading pile consists of at least four different books right now. I’ve given up on updating my goodreads because books can stay on my “currently reading” pile for a while.

    Idk. I wish I could tell you that it is in fact curable. But I can’t. At least not yet, searching for a cure myself.

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