Fangirl Issues: When Things Get Violent

Fangirl Issues

In terms of violence and ridiculousness, this fangirl never thought that the day will never come. But if you’re into book blogging, there is a probability that this incident has happened to you, too. Hopefully, you haven’t experienced it yet. Because it is too violent, and I never thought that a person is capable to do such thing to a book.


That person is me. I did things to a book that I never thought I would do. It was like a psychotic episode. But it is just because of the frustration that I felt while reading a certain book. I would not say what the book is, but I will say what it revolves around.

  • Dystopian
  • Involves a lot of love interests
  • Spear-headed by a female heroine
  • Situations can be easily manipulated with the slightest use of common sense


My relationship with the book was so unhealthy, even my friends thought that I was turning over to the dark side. So my twin also reads the book, while I slowly worked my way to Book #2 of the said series. After she read the entire thing in a day and a half, she told me to stop reading. And I did.

What did I do to the book, you ask? I may have thrown it across the hallway… I read it in school, which explains how my friends saw my brief episode. Now, it wasn’t only across the hallway. I pushed it away from me when I was reading in the classroom. I threw a fit in the computer laboratory. Heck, my professor even asked why the book was so far away from me.

Okay Bianca, what’s your point?

My point is… don’t be like me. What I did was just plainly unacceptable. I know that a lot of people liked the trilogy in question, so I had to push myself into reading it. Also, I was on the verge of a reading slump. I can’t just read The Perks of Being A Wallflower over and over again. But it was just so wrong to do that to a book.

Now, if you’re a relatively new book blogger like moi, I want you to take this advice to your heart. Because I don’t want another person throwing books up in the air like me.

1.If you can’t finish it, don’t read it.

An exception is, if something in makes you want to read it. For me, it’s the writing style and a certain character. Although, one cannot promise that the feeling of hatred will not come back.

2. If you find the scene in the book intolerable, put the book down in a nice manner and slowly scoot away from it. Unless you borrowed the book from the library, then have a friend put it somewhere far.

Pick it up when your anger has ceased. But be warned, so follow the first thing that I said.

3. If you are making a point on how horrible the book is, just don’t. Because for one, you’re being a bad reader. Two, why spend your precious time hating on the book?

See, that’s why I followed my twin’s advice. A character in that book will always be my book boyfriend, but I think I cannot continue. Alas, I might never know what happened to him. But it’s for the best.

4. Remember that you are not the only one who hated it, but be careful because not everyone did.

We all have our differences when it comes to reading a certain book. It means that somebody else liked it. So mind your freedom of expression.

and finally,

5. Pick up another book.

It’s as simple as that.

Now don’t be like me, okay? I have learned a lot from this episode and I hope you did, too.

Have you ever had an episode? What did you do to handle it?


8 thoughts on “Fangirl Issues: When Things Get Violent

  1. Oh wow ! You got me really curious about what kind of book could provoke that kind of emotion. I’ve definitely felt close to that point (I’ve wanted to burn a certain series of books starring a red-headed girl), but never could bring myself to do it because I’m too attached to the book as an object, if not the story. This is great advice, there’s no point making yourself miserable on purpose !

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  2. I guess I read ebooks too much to ever be violent? I feel like it’s totally something I’d do, if I were the kind of person that got really outwardly affected by something, but I think introverts don’t suffer as much! I’m a chill person, so I usually don’t outwardly react! However, I have yelled at a book in public VERY LOUDLY and attracted the attention of a cute boy (irrelevant, but whatever)!

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