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Blogging Extravaganza

Get Up Offa That Slump Blogging Extravaganza is hosted by Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf.

Well, I could say that it was a pretty… non doing anything week before I disappeared. I’m also sad that I did not get the chance to do all of the activities for this certain blogging extravaganza. At least, it’s not because I am on a blogging slump. It was holy week here in the Philippines, and I had to do some… thinking.

The blogging extravaganza is over, but this post is special to me. I may or may not impart wisdom, and I will count on the stuff that I experienced whilst blogging.

Then again, this blog post is all about the ways of blogging. My ways, in particular. To be honest, I have no idea if I have a style yet. The only noticeable thing about my blogging is that I get super active when it gets to the middle of the month. Ughh self, why so weird? Yet it is clear that when one is a fangirl, one must have ways. Enlisted with the help of some GIFs, I am here to impart my fangirl ways. *roll credits*


Really itching to share your thoughts? There are more ways than writing a review.


Sometimes, your mind goes blank. You know the book is unique but you just can’t get that certain word out underneath your tongue. Yet you still get this feeling that you have said these things to another book you reviewed before. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this dilemma. In terms of being flexible with reviewing in a not so review-y format, I express myself through tags. But, I can’t always tend to tags, especially since I have a limited number of read books to choose from. So my advice is: get those creative juices flowing. I have tricks up my sleeve, too. I just haven’t typed it yet. #foreverprocrastinator

Wonder if you’re the only person who loves a certain genre? Find a book club. Can’t find one? Create one.


It wasn’t exactly a lack for me. It felt like it was a need. Not that I felt like I was alone, but I had this disturbing feeling that there weren’t enough bookworms that love male leads. Hence, I made the Fanboy Book Club. Based on my experience of perusing through goodreads for any book clubs, there weren’t any… And it felt underwhelming that fanboys do not get the same reception as fangirls. This is not a promotion, but rather, an invitation to create more book clubs. It’s a great way to spread the love you think a certain genre of books deserve.

Scared to read a particular book? Get some courage and find some reading buddies.


It is a great opportunity to open your doors to new books. Ones that you have been eyeing for a while and you still haven’t gotten around into reading. It is a great way to make new friends, because there’s something fun about sharing your views and opinions with another person. Reading buddies can tunnel friendships, especially if you particularly loved the book you buddy read with them. And I can prove this to you, since I met the most incredible people when I sought out reading buddies.

Does senpai not notice you? Well, senpai will if you deem yourself worthy.


I am just being honest here. When I first started out, I legit had this list of book bloggers that I want to interact with. I basically go all, “Senpai notice me.” Whenever I post something on my blog, I have this weird voice in the back of my head saying, “I hope senpai follows my blog and we can fangirl/fanboy together.” And sometimes, I also go, “How does senpai get all of those lovely books?”. I’m still a rookie, but here’s a tip: Senpai is really approachable. Maybe it will take some time for them to actually notice you, but in the end, it’s all worth it. When it’s a blog post comment or an “I feel you.” tweet, you and senpai will have a connection, because of your certain love for a particular thing.

Oh, and that list consisted of a lot of Filipino bloggers. And yes, I have interacted with some them. I just cannot wait to meet them IRL. Book signings, where are you at?

Take some time off once in a while to actually read.


Yes, yo do. Well, maybe if you’re a superhuman, you can blog and read at the same time. Blogging is essentially a vent, but in all honesty: it’s hard to blog if you have no content. Now since this is a book blog, it’s consisted of book recommendations, reviews and tags. Now imagine what would happen if I had this huge reading slump. My blog will go *croo croo* on me. It will only probably consist of TBR’s and wrap-ups. (Not that I have anything against it, I love reading wrap-ups and tbr’s.)
Yes, we need to read more books. And basically, every human being needs to read at least 10 books in their life.

Don’t be scared to get all fangirl-y or fanboy-y. It’s all part of the circle of life.


As smug as Leo’s face gets on this GIF above, it’s a toast to all the fangirls and fanboys out there. We all live in this one big happy community, who are all practically nice people. Being a fangirl/fanboy is life, and our lives are basically more exciting than others. Literally, since there’s always something to fangirl/fanboy at. Continue to support all those lovely authors, films, graphic novels, comic books, and basically anything beautiful our lovely fandoms have to offer. We rule the world. ❤

Well, this turned out more as an advice post than explanation of my ways. Although if you do analyze it, it kinda imparts my ways. My weird ways of handling stuff and being ridiculously random. But I do hope you learned something from this random post of mine.

Can someone teach me their ways? Comment below.


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