Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish People You Should Subscribe to On Youtube


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This one is a special Top Ten Tuesday for me because it is all about booktubers! Just in case  you accidentally stumbled on my blog and have no clue what the heck is going on, I’ll do it in the fashion on how they do it on Youtube. *ehem*

Hey there readers! My name is Bianca and today I have a top ten tuesday feature dedicated to spreading the love for booktubers. You can already assume how booktube works: they make videos about books. They express their love, their opinions, their hype around books by using Youtube as a platform. Just like us bloggers who use sites such as WordPress and Blogspot to fangirl/fanboy on.

I love watching videos on my free time. (Sorry guys! I cannot word all the time hahaha) Before I was blogging, I was posting my anime amvs on YouTube. But life happened, so my wee little channel is abandoned.

I consider watching book videos as a stress-reliever, since watching these people rave and express their love for books just put a smile on my face.When I’m not reading blog posts or creating one myself, and fangirling and chatting with fellow bloggers on twitter, I go and watch some of my favorite booktubers on Youtube. Like bloggers, more and more people join the booktube community everyday. Which is why I will not be featuring booktubers that have a subscribers above 1,000. Instead, I want to share with you the videos of booktubers who don’t have that huge following (yet), because I think their videos deserve more love and in my opinion, should definitely have more subscribers on their channels.

Amy at LiterallyAmy

Amy’s journey on booktube has only just begun, yet you could say that I have this inkling that her channel will someday have the following it deserves. Her videos are very pleasant to watch, and she definitely has more to talk about. I could definitely say amen to her fangirl dictionary video.

Sandra at Bookstahooda

It’s nice to hear different perspectives sometimes, and for me, Sandra’s videos are somehow refreshing to watch. When I stumbled upon her huge unhaul videos (there are 4 of them), I felt this huge satisfaction, because that’s how I felt when I had to unhaul books.

Jen at Book Syrup

Sometimes I don’t understand the concept of Youtube because Jen obviously has a lot of interesting videos. She is so underrated 😦 Her content is particularly cool and thoughtful, and it just so happens that when I clicked on this video that I have linked for you guys to watch, I was in a dilemma of buying particular books. So thank you Jen, you’re a life saver.

Mel at The Book Moo

The thing is, what bring out the loveliness of these booktuber’s videos are their personalities. And you could see that when they put their heart and soul on their videos. I can say that Mel has a lot of personality. I fancy her accent and how she expresses her thoughts around the topic of her video. And apparently, she also has a blog! Obviously also called The Book Moo.

Update: Yep, Mel’s not Scottish. She’s from Liverpool. 😀

Indy at Tap’sLIFEandBooks

When you’ve got lovely content, you must know that I press that subscribe button faster than a heartbeat. And yes, that particular event happened to Indy. She is definitely hyper and I am certainly glad to have seen her channel. When it comes to her thoughts, I love how frank she is.

Heather from Heather Forever Books

I may or may not have found my book mother. Wait what? 🙂 She is very cool, and I love most of her videos. When she does tags, her description of the books make me want to read the book in question. Makes me wish that I live next to a bookstore.

Brandon at brandonthebookaddict

*gasps* I know. Calm down. But just in case, I’ll scream for you. IT’S A BOY BOOKTUBER. *double gasps* You didn’t think this list would not consist of guys, right? Well, hey there. A rarity, but finding a guy who likes books is so cool. Same respect to guy book bloggers. Anyways, Brandon has really cool content on his channel. He also just doesn’t talk about books, since he also shares his love for TV shows.

Ngoc at happycomesfirst

It’s not everyday that you see a person with a cool personality. And with Ngoc, you could say that her channel is simply elegant. She’s quirky and sweet, and she loves doing new things. Watching her videos can be compared to kawaii stuff, because she does it effortlessly. So it really queries me why she still doesn’t have at least a thousand subs.

Nikki at randomlilreads

I absolutely swear that the amount of Australian booktubers on this post was not planned. I should probably consider moving to Australia… Kidding. Anyways, when I first saw Nikki’s channel, I thought her channel already had a huge following. Yet, it still doesn’t have so. It’s easy to get psyched with Nikki’s videos, especially since her calm persona and obvious fangirl-ish ness is very transparent on her videos. (She has an R2-D2 TBR jar. I mean, come on!)

Otavio from The Galilean Library

Straight to the point, whose videos where I just shout “True! True! True!”, and who feels all the feels, Otavio is on the top. And hey, a guy booktuber! He talks deep, and there’s this uncanny feeling I get when I watch his videos. He’s practically my spirit animal and I adore him to bits. You can guess why I chose this particular video to link, since I made a similar post about it. (But I have TBRs now. Yet, I feel it to bits!)

This was such a fun Top Ten Tuesday post! Although, I am still curious why these booktubers have less than 1,000 subscribers. They deserve more love. I hope I introduced you to a booktuber who you will love to bits and will continue to support with a sub on their channel/s.

Will I make another one for my favorite bloggers? I’m still puzzled at the moment, since I dwell more on book blogging and you guys are all so fantastic. But who knows?

Who are your favorite booktubers? Do you want to recommend some of them? Link them up in the comments. ❤


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish People You Should Subscribe to On Youtube

  1. I feel the exact same way about booktube as you do! Unfortunately though, when I run out of time video watching is usually the first thing that gets cut and I haven’t been watching much booktube lately because most of the videos are sooo long. 😦 I do really appreciate how you featured booktubers under 1k; it can really be hard to find the smaller channels to watch! I’ll be bookmarking this post to check out all of these creators.

    Here’s my TTT!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just recently entered the world of booktubing but sadly I didnt find anyone I particularly loved. So this post means a lot to me. I trust your opinion so I instinctively know these people are amazeballs! Going to check some of them out tonight.

    I think its incredibly sweet that you choose talented yet underrated booktubers to feature here. You are such a good soul!

    Liked by 1 person

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