Event Recap: Jennifer Niven in PH


Alternative title: Bianca is an introvert. She did not talk to blogger senpais.

So I finally had the guts to go to a book signing. I mean, I had to. Because if I missed this one, I would have probably lost my mind. And to top it all off, she is one of my literary idols. I cannot emphasize the impact of All The Bright Places in my life. It means a lot to me, like all the other books that deal with the sensitive issue that All The Bright Places also tackles. Luckily, I didn’t hesitate. The day was May 29, 2016. I went to the event. And I almost hurled.


Before the Event:

Well, what would you expect? It will be my first time. I don’t know how anything works. I just know that I need to be early to go this thing. The venue was so-so in terms of being far from our house and we had to commute. And you know the ironic thing was I still arrived late. By the time me and my mom got to the venue, I was already the 491st person.

Mandatory number pass with book photo harhar

I was alone inside, and I had to sit next to the “bushes” to avoid inconvenience. Plus, my mom kept giving me food. She was the sweetest. But because of my introvert hormones, I got scared of what was in front of me. I kept muttering to myself that I need space. And this was the scenario:

Me to myself: “So many people huhu. I must stay put and act normal.”

I actually saw some fellow Filipino bloggers but I was so shy. When I got near them, all I said was “Excuse me.”, because I needed to go somewhere. WHY SELF WHY?

During the Event:

Let me a cry a bucket of tears as Jennifer Niven graced the stage.

I almost cried when Jennifer came in. My mind was in a racetrack full of cars faster than a speeding bullet. She’s so beautiful. I never knew that seeing an author who’s book you love so much would have that impact on you. And she is so nice. Not only was she an amazing author but her kindness radiated the stage.

I don’t know if this will do but here are some of the pointers that I got from the Q&A. (Next time, I’ll bring a recorder so I can cherish every word.)

  • Jennifer was so overwhelmed with the crowd.


On All The Bright Places:

  • Jennifer’s mom was her lovely editor. All The Bright Places was the last book that her mother has read.
  • Finch tends to overpower Violet. So when Jennifer switches points of views, she tells Finch to stay put or else.
  • Theodore Finch was inspired from a real person in Jennifer’s life.
  • When asked if she wants to write an alternative ending, Jen said that as she was writing, she had this alternate ending. But since she knows that in reality, that ending would lead to something more.
  • No news yet on who will play Theodore Finch for the All The Bright Places movie, because as Jen said, there were so many actors who seem to fit the role of Finch. When she watches an audition she goes, “Oh my god, he’s the perfect Finch.” But then another actor comes in and she will be like. “Oh my god he’s the perfect Finch.”

On other positive notes:


  • She believes that social media has a positive impact since for her, it gives her the chance to communicate with all her loving readers.
  • About Holding Up the Universe, it is somehow lighter than All The Bright Places but has all the feels.
  • Jennifer finds more joy in writing young adult books.
  • Jennifer is starting on her 3rd young adult novel, but the details are still kept in secret.

Q&A with the audience:


  • On the subject of marriage: I don’t know if it was really cool but she said “… we were discussing about it and thought, “Why not just here in the Philippines?”. “
  • When asked if today was a good day to die, Jen eagerly replied that that day was not a good day to die. And the good day to die is the right time.
  • Someone asked what would she say to Violet if Violet was in the event right now. She replied that there are so many opportunities for Violet and that she wants her to keep going. She wants her to think about all the bright places that she has and will have.

And then as her final words, she thanked all of us who came. And left us with this memorable quote:

You are not only my bright place, but you are a bright place.

During the signing:

I was actually this far. Hey, thanks camera.

As much as I felt that the Q&A was short (but I guess it was just the surge of the moment), it was time for the signing. During this time, I met new friends. Yay. Their names were Gail and Inah, though I suppose they don’t know that I actually blog (as do most people that I know). I don’t know how many hours have past, but I began to hurl when I got in line. I was going to meet Jen.

And since I was being my introvert self, I barely said anything to Jen, other than “Thank you for writing such a wonderful book.” I just hope she got what I meant. I mean she was so sweet. I was literally speechless. She thanked me for coming and she hopes that I had fun. I did, Jen. I really did.

 I almost to forgot to give my little trinket to Jen, but her boyfriend was kind enough to hand it to her.

To be honest, I still cannot grasp the fact that Jennifer Niven actually signed my copy. And that I was able to attend my first book signing event. I hope I don’t lose the feeling, because it is so awesome. I cannot wait for the next event and I hope you guys enjoyed my recap.

A million thanks to National Bookstore and Raffles for making the event possible. I hope to attend more book signings in the future.

Share your author signing experience below. I would love to chat.


P.S. My mom was so curious about the event. One of these days, she will read All The Bright Places as well.

All of the photos were taken by me.

13 thoughts on “Event Recap: Jennifer Niven in PH

  1. I loved this post to the core! I was almost in tears when I was reading this because a) i’m a person who cries easily when overly happy, b) i’m overly happy you got to meet jen! And all her answers on your recap just made me clutch my heart, but in the beautifully painful kind of way. Finch and Violet are just perfect and the type of characters that aren’t easy to let go. I hope your mom enjoys ATBP as much as we did. 💙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked it, Maan! Am sorry if I induced tears hahaha. I hope you can meet Jen in the future. She is such a wonderful author (not that I emphasized it enough because seriously!) As of now, I’m still crossing my fingers if my mother will like ATBP. But then again, who didn’t? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. First of all I feel so jealous right now, and as I was reading this I really fet like crying.

    Okay my jealousy aside, OMG YAY FOR YOU FOR ATTENDING YOUR FIRST BOOK SIGNING! I think my introvert self would do most things you did, lol I would probably shrink in my little space and not socialize with anybody. 😅

    Jennifer Niven is truly an amazig author and person, her answers were so beautiful. AND WOW LOOK AT THE CROWD, there were so many of you in there (I wish I was one of you).

    Congratulations again to you! I’m glad that you had so much fun. 💞😄

    Liked by 1 person

  3. When I went to Connor Franta’s book signing, I had a similar experience: I barely said anything and was really awkward…🙈😬

    Liked by 1 person

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