August & September Wrap-Up + October TBR


Let me tell you what happened to my August wrap-up: it disappeared into the void. I was having problems with my internet connection so I had to make do and draft my post on MS Word. Then my ever loving laptop suddenly shut itself down the moment I was finishing my first draft. And I did not save it. I was really busy, and I could only squeeze in drafting and blogging for a few minutes. So yeah, I gave up and posted my wrap-up on Instagram instead.

Guess who’s failing at life? And read-a-thons. And blogging in general. August was disastrous. I’m behind my Goodreads reading challenge. The scenarios in my head of me reading in school is so far fetched. Honestly, it kills me inside. Yet, I can’t neglect my schoolwork. I need to be a good student. I must be always on point, on fleek, even if my eyebrows are not. Basically, school stressed me out from the first day. On our second week, it can already be compared to a hell week in high school. That’s how great it is. “Hey! Welcome back to school. We will slowly kill you now, but we will make you stay because our library added more titles that you have been dying to get for your bookshelf since forever.”

But thinking about it, I am ridiculously paranoid about this wrap-up. I started writing this one on the second week of September. That is how grossly prepared I am. I know for a fact that October and the rest of September will devour me whole. I may not even have the time the breathe. So if you see new content here, it literally took me the whole summer break to prepare the stuff. I’m probably boring you with details, but in summary:
– I failed ReadThemAllThon.
– I am on the verge of a reading slump.
– I have no idea how I was able to read in between classes.
– My school is eating me alive. I can honestly find similarities between my 3rd year midterm hell week to my 2nd year finals hell week.
– I am 3 books behind on the Goodreads reading challenge and I am not happy about it because it happened late this year. Why not early on? Huhu.
– I’m hosting a blog tour / well the book club rather. More on that later.

… let’s just get to the books that I read in August and September.



Nevernight by Jay Kristoff – Hello there, slump inducing giant. Not only am I at the verge of a reading slump, but I cannot stop talking about it. Maybe not on Twitter, but generally everywhere else. I read this for a PH blog tour for Nevernight hosted by Kate at The Bookaholic Blurbs.This bloody good book is definitely the best fantasy that I have read this year. Praise be to the gods that I am so lucky because I have been a part of the epic blog tour for this book. If I didn’t sign up for it, I probably will be bummed out and ridiculously missed on a lot of stuff. My review is just waiting for the signal for it to be posted haha, so please do watch out for it.


Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman – Say hello to the first person who borrowed a fiction book from the library. Yay me! I was lucky enough to have found this on my first day of school. Bless the book gods. I thought for sure that I will have this huge reading slump because of Nevernight, but I pulled through with this book. I have to say that this book was amazeballs. I read this one for FBCYA because it was our book for the month of August. This was the miracle book because I managed to finish it while I was being bombarded with 3rd year student duties. Luckily, the Macedonians and the history aspect satisfied my craving for a good book. I was so scared that I might go into a slump because of the good books that I read in July (and Nevernight). But no, turns I can read fantasy now haha.

newRating4Everyone We’ve Been by Sarah Everett
Yes to this book! I received this book for a blog tour as well, and it came at such a perfect time. It’s grip was strong enough to pull me from the depths of despair. I would like to keep my thoughts about this book special. But it opened my eyes on certain aspects. It is a beautiful book and I never thought that I could be attached to something so simple and complicated at the same time.


Honestly speaking, I don’t have one. I will be defending our thesis in October, on the week of my birthday. Plus I am on the verge of my finals for my 3rd year 1st semester. Who knows what kind of monstrosity will happen? So yes, this is an open book. But I can tell you that I tried to sneak read ACOTAR by Sarah J. Maas when I am feeling rebellious. Oh and I also borrow books from my library every now and then so there’s hope that I could finish some stuff haha.

August was a really lovely month because I really felt like I was blessed with a lucky charm. Believe me when I say this: I only bought one book from this stack.


Thank you to my best friend Patty who bought me a copy of Six of Crows. Thanks to my mom for funding our copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Big thanks to CW at Read, Think, and Ponder for Maybe In Another Life, Hazel at Stay Bookish for The Darkest Corners and Vic James for Red Rising and a sample of Gilded Cage.

As depressing as it sounds, I was supposed to buy books at MIBF (Manila International Book Fair) this year. Sadly, my projects took a toll on me and I did not get to go. 😦 I already had a list and everything, but things did not go according to plan. Instead, wallowing in my sadness, I bought Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. Then I just chilled (actually no, the opposite) and officially lost my sanity when Crooked Kingdom came out. I don’t know where I was supposed to buy my copy, but luckily the bookstore near my place had in stock! Definitely the best reward after the most hectic week of my life.

book announcement



FBCYA is hosting a blog tour for Timekeeper by Tara Sim! A thousand times yes! I have been keeping this secret since JULY (or was it June? I can’t even tell lol) Basically when I announced that FBCYA is doing blog tours, it was then that this baby was born. Let me tell you: this is such an amazing book and I can’t wait till November to share my thoughts with you about it. I will also be hosting the #FBCYA twitter chat for Timekeeper on October 16, 9 AM EST/ 9 PM PST.

I am also a part of three blog tours that will happen this October. Please do keep an eye out for my reviews. 🙂

Phew. And here I thought this wrap-up will never end. Such a relief haha. So… how was your September?


10 thoughts on “August & September Wrap-Up + October TBR

  1. You’ve been SO PRODUCTIVE even with school and it’s actually amazing to me! Like, I can’t join read-a-thons and the like because I’m so busy irl and can’t even manage to add 5+ books to my TBR for the month, so it’s amazing that you even thought to do that, haha. I’d have been intimidated from the first day. 😂

    Here’s hoping October will be good for you! Can’t wait to start the blog tour with you guys. 💕


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