Rainy Day Thoughts: What Did I Miss?

Am I back from the dark abyss? Am I back from the pit of inactivity? Am I back from the black hole of death?

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I feel like I’m Thomas Jefferson in writing this post. I feel like I have missed a lot of things that happened around here in our community. If you’re a new follower, hello there! Welcome to the weirdness and randomness of my brain. You may proceed to your right and in there, you can find a post that probably has dust. Still okay to read, but it’s kinda old. And if you’re someone who stuck by me and my random posts from the beyond: CAN I GIVE YOU HUG, YOU WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING?

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So where was I? The dark abyss. The pit of inactivity. The black hole of death. Okay kidding, I was busy with my studies. I have been so out of loop ever since I started working on massive projects and life-changing duties. The only time that I had was dedicated into writing blog posts for blog tours, for book club, and a few blogging prompts here and there. I forgot how to socialize and at least be like my old self where I comment on posts for being awesome. (And they are awesome guys. The people I follow here on WordPress have the most incredible minds.) If it were not for those tours, I would have not read anything at all. I tried coming back, and to be honest, most of the posts that I actually managed to get through was basically done in a rush. It was not really nice to be able to blog at all, because I felt helpless. (Let’s count how many Hamilton references I can put in one blog post. We stop now. Lol) I cannot spare time to just sit down and write, and even if I did, I spent hours and hours writing basically nothing. For example:

“No graphics. No pretty designs and stuff like that. Maybe I will use bold or italicized letters if I will ever make out a point or two. I just want to take a breather today and finally put a stop to horrible thoughts.

Because of some of the stuff in my personal life, I am awake until 3 am in the morning everyday. There were days where I faced the next day without a wink of sleep. My sleeping pattern is in chaos. There are some days where I just want to stop everything and turn back to doing the thing I love: blogging.

But as I was typing this post, I keep getting these thoughts in my head to stop typing. My fingers hurt for who knows whatever reason why, I want to open another tab (and I did after typing it), I want to work on other stuff, and”

That one took 4 hours to write. I knew it was a slump, because the temporary title was “Have I Lost My Blogging Mojo?”. But don’t worry, I am only partially dead. I know the current issues that are taking place, and I know what current releases are to die for and what not. Yet what is the use of knowing what is out there if I cannot connect with the people who I can talk to about it?

So let’s start fresh, if you’re a new book blogger, say hi in the comments! Link me a blog post of yours and I will leave a comment. If you’re a cool person keeping tabs on my blog, I promise to hop by your blog soon! Maybe one day, you’ll see a comment there or two. 🙂


Let’s bring back light and enthusiasm back into this blog. And now, where exactly am I headed? I think I’m going places, I guess? A lot of opportunities have opened up since I last posted. I joined a lot of happenings, I got accepted into something, and I have some very exciting news. I am planning on revamping the book club, and hopefully get to host an international giveaway soon for that milestone? In other words, I want to be able to communicate with the book blogging community and share my voice as much as possible. I’m still bombarded with a lot of work, but we can manage through that if I really want to make these promises possible.

No more brb’s from here. This fangirl is here to stay. 🙂


P.S. I HOARDED MORE BOOKS THAN EVER. AND I HAVE BEEN READING MORE THAN USUAL. ASDFGHJKL; Yeah, I will make sure to include all of it in my wrap-up. Har har.

9 thoughts on “Rainy Day Thoughts: What Did I Miss?

  1. Welcome back, Bianca! Totally get you re: falling into a deep abyss because that’s what I kind of feel like doing at the moment… but yeah, I’m glad to see that you survived and that you’re back, and I hope that it’s not pressuring you too much. Blogging is fun, but real life takes priority always.

    Also super excited to see what will happen with the book club! I’m moving internationally sometime soon so an international giveaway sounds great. 😉

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    1. Reg dear! I missed you so much! ❤

      If you're planning on going for a break, it's all okay since we need it sometimes. Getting swallowed by the dark abyss made me realize a lot of stuff that I need to improve on my blog and a whole lot more, even in life. Totally off the pressure if I'm doing the thing that I love. 🙂

      Yes, hopefully the book club news will come soon enough. ❤


  2. Welcome back Bianca! I was in that abyss with you (might still be actually) so I definitely understand you. I hope you’re out of that abyss for good though 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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