#Project14Lists: ‘Tis the Season to Crank Up Some Lists

It’s been a hot minute on this blog and I want to do something special for the holidays. It’s the perfect time to reminisce and look back on what actually went down this year. I’ve been planning to write lists for this blog since 2016, but it seems that I never get the chance to do so and just save it up in one compressed and exhaustively long list. Add a dose of having to feel the need of a deadline in the mix, and you’ve got yourself one fangirl who just ends up flailing and just not doing anything in the end. But this year, that’s all about to change.

2018 has been a year of ups and downs. It was a mix of emotions, sweat, and tears. I wish I meant it figuratively, but no. So here I am thinking, how the heck do I end this year with feeling awesome and actually lay out some goals for myself? I feel like I want to achieve so many things for 2019 that my head is going to explode. Thank the bookish gods, my dear friend Shealea from That Bookshelf Bitch decided to do #Project14Lists. It was just the boost that I needed to share my thoughts and feelings of wrapping this topsy-turvy of a year. But first, what is Project 14 Lists?

Project 14 Lists, otherwise known as #Project14Lists, is a 2-week blogging activity that will run from December 18th to December 31st. Book bloggers are tasked to come up with creative bookish/blogging list ideas, and on each day, write a list and post it on their respective blogs. Hence, the ideal goal is to create and post a total of 14 lists before the year ends (Of course, everyone is free to set their own goals, and writing less than 14 lists is just as great!).”

Sounds fun, right? I’m honestly stoked for this event to push me in a creative direction. There’s a lot more to be known about this blogging event but for more information, don’t hesitate to message Shealea for details.

I’m happy to say that while you’re reading this oh-so lovely announcement post, I have already a few lists ready and scheduled for the next few days. *gasps* Did my blogging mojo actually come back? Who is this person??? No, I just had sudden bursts of creativity and I’m ready to accomplish things. This post will serve as the masterpost of every Project List that I will be posting for the next couple of days. Despite having a busy schedule for December, I really have high hopes to achieve my goal of 14 posts. A majority of it are bookish, but of course I can’t just leave my other fandoms behind. πŸ˜‰

Day 1: Books I Have Yet to Rave About

Day 2: Recommending Movie Like My 2018 Reads

Day 3: Books I Don’t Want to Read Anymore

Day 4: Books I Wish I Read in 2018

Day 5: 2018 In A Nutshell

Day 6: Best Movies I Watched in 2018

Day 7: 

Day 8: 

Day 9: 

Day 10: 

Day 11: 

Day 12: 

Day 13: 

Day 14: 

So, will you be joining Project 14 Lists as well? Or are you planning something a little more avant-garde for the end of the year?

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