About the Fangirl

It all really started when things got out of control with the many fandoms I joined.

Hey there!

Hi. My name is Bianca and welcome to my blog. I usually talk about books here on my little nook, but there’s tidbits of my thoughts on my recent shenanigans with TV shows, movies, and music. Hope you enjoy my insights and welcome aboard the fun parade.

Now here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I am from the Philippines. Born and raised here, but I’m more comfortable speaking in English. Doesn’t mean I love my country any less though, because I love reading about Filipino rep and culture in books.
  2. My work often revolves around me getting my nose stuck on current trends.
  3. Before I bought my own domain, my blog address was notoriousLaylow. It was a Pesterchum handle that I made up while I was fangirling over Homestuck, a webcomic that I used to love.
  4. The title ‘The Ultimate Fangirl’ is what I strive to be. My goal is to be that one friend you have on the internet that you can always count on for recommendations. Whether it be books, TV shows, movies, music—name it. I’ll be THAT one friend.

That’s all for now. If you’re looking for ways to inquire about my work or reviews, please head over to the Contact/Inquiry page.