Historical Figures I Want To See in YA


As much as I love the young adult genre, there seems to be an underlying note that historical fiction is either a hit or miss for readers. In some cases, it depends on the reader’s tastes. Sometimes they mix in a hint of fantasy, because authors are given the liberty to put small twists on some fix points. Exploring history can be quite fun if you find the right person to retell it for you. But in some cases, it could be disastrous. I always have room to read such books because not only do I love the young adult genre, but I am a sucker for historical fiction.

Fear not, with the right characters, one can develop a story that is unique and different than any other book out there. Which is why I created this list of historical people who would be amazing to cast as the leads for a young adult book. Inspired by Legacy of Kings written by Eleanor Herman, I decided to list down the top 4 historical figures that I want to see in YA literature. I believe that these historical figures are worth writing a book about, and despite being tricky, is all but worth it with the stories that they hold in their years as a young adult.

Note: Years indicated below are the years of their respective tenures on the throne/job.


Elizabeth I, Queen of England and Ireland (1558 – 1603)

As one such as myself that is ridiculously fascinated by the Tudors, it is still unclear to me on how Elizabeth I managed to carry herself when she was declared a bastard and an illegitimate heir to the throne of England all while she is in her teens. We already got a sense of Edward VI’s POV in My Lady Jane, but I want to read more about this lady and how she became one of the most famous monarchs in Britain’s history. Is it possible that what developed in her years as a teen led to her brilliant ways of thinking and led England reach it’s golden age? There are tons of possibilities, and mind you, I am aware that there is a movie. But I need more!


Elagabalus, Emperor of Rome (218 – 222)

Controversial, yes. A new spin on your usual history book? Most definitely, yes. Elagabalus is a controversial figure for being an emperor of the largest empire the world has ever seen. Rome, in the hands of a teenager? Elagabalus was barely fourteen when he was given an empire to rule. Calling him eccentric is a bit… off. I really want to see a YA book that focuses on him entirely. It is just ridiculous if you think about it, but his story will definitely be the most refreshing historical take that will ever exist in the genre. He can be the villain, or he could be this misunderstood boy who got misguided by the people around him.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Composer (1762 – 1791)

If you have written a concerto at the age of four, a symphony at the age of seven, and a full scale opera at 12, I bet my cents that your life is nothing but extraordinary. Based on what I know about Mozart so far, being a child prodigy took him across Europe. It is no easy feat, because it can be quite intriguing to know what kind of a teenager he was. What went on in his life? And how majestically twisted is that brain of his? I have much to believe that his rise to fame happened while he was a teenager. I guess I don’t believe everything that I saw in the movie Amadeus…


Marie Antoinette, Queen Consort of France and Navarre (1774 – 1791)

Imagine being queen of France at a young age? Not only that, but being the daughter of one of the largest dynasties is an extraordinary place to be. I might not want to imagine the pressure she’s on, but those are tasks that are too heavy to put on a teenager’s shoulders. Not only that, she’s being judged because she is a foreign consort. The Marie Antoinette movie that starred Kirsten Dunst is a favorite guilty pleasure movie of mine, but wouldn’t a book detailing it be a great idea?


And that’s about it, guys and gals. Who are your favorite historical figures? Would they fit the bill as an amazing lead ? Share your thoughts below!

P.S. I’m saving Alexander Hamilton for a later date, just you wait. 😉




These words came from the one and only Newt from The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. I never miss this day (because I have it on alarm, haha) because it’s the one day where I can just write and say the bloody good quote. I know it seems like I am on hiatus right now, but Newt Day always has a special place in my heart.


Newt is this character that I love even if I have not read the main trilogy yet. Maybe it’s because of the English accent. Or maybe it’s because of his personality. Or maybe it’s the actor that they chose to portray him. Yes, I know that Thomas Brodie-Sangster is amazing in everything he does. FYI, I liked him since I knew he voiced Ferb so I call dibs. Kidding aside, it’s a day for celebration. It’s time for fellow Newt fangirls and the Maze Runner fandom to raise their heads up high and be inspired today. For today is the day of Newt, who we love very much.

I hope you guys help me find the artist of this fanart. I just love it to bits and I want to properly credit him/her.

A post that’s short yet sweet, but time was dedicated just for remembering Newt. Have a great day everyone!


Crazy Notion || A #ReadThemAllThon TBR


(alternative title: How will I get out of this readathon alive?)

This wonderful readathon is hosted by the wonderful Aentee at Read at Midnight. For more information, go to her lovely website. The event will start on August 14 and will end on September 4. (Feeling a Hunger Games vibe right now, jk.) Basically, this readathon is a combination of the thrill of competing to be the very best and devouring books. Sounds like a good combination, right?

Call me crazy. This is my legit “first” time in joining a readathon. And it all it took is to make it Pokemon-themed. Thanks, Aentee. You finally got to unleash my crazy side. 🙂

No, this is not my death wish. In fact, I am pumped as fudge. Considering the fact that our school will start this August, the idea sounds so crazy. But I am all in for it! Let’s get this going!

Chosen Pokemon


Not straying from the starter trio of the Indigo League, I’m choosing my favorite of the three (I was so close to picking Charmander.) which is Squirtle! Not only is he adorable, but water types are the best!

The Books



For the Boulder Badge, I will be reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. It’s about time that I read about Jacob Portman before I see the movie or I won’t see it at all.

Pages: 352; Potential CP + 35


For the Cascade Badge, I will be using something extra strong. My Squirtle needs a little bit of a boost because he will be battling his own type of Pokemon. So I chose Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider.

Pages: 324; Potential CP + 32


For the Thunder Badge, I will be reading Legend by Marie Lu. Interestingly enough, this will be the first time that I will be reading something from Marie Lu. I don’t know if I should faint or not. Yet look at me! I’m jumping on the Marie Lu hype train!

Pages: 305; Potential CP + 30


For the Rainbow Badge, I’m going for When I Was The Greatest by Jason Reynolds. I like the aspect that this book offers, and although it is just a short read, I think it will enlighten me on some topics that are not often discussed in the book community. Plus it’s Jason Reynolds. I will not forgive myself if I do not read a Jason Reynolds book this year.

Pages: 232; Potential CP + 23


For the Soul Badge, I will be reading Althea and Oliver by Cristina Moracho. This book has been seating on my book stack for almost a year now, just because I am such a mood reader. I was promised epic romance when I saw this book lying around in our local bookstore, so I guess this one is the perfect book for this challenge.

Pages: 364; Potential CP + 36



For the Marsh Badge, I will be reading Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman. Again, another half CP for me because this book is our BOTM for the Fanboy Book Club. Double duties, but worth it if I can finally read about Alexander the Great and his fine abs. Jk.

Pages: 42; Potential CP + 21


For the Flame Badge, I chose A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. This book was the one who basically made me switch all of my other choices. At first, it was supposed to be book that has thunderous hype. But apparently, this is the only legit red book on my shelf. So I had to switch. Now I’m a little scared. Agh, please don’t eat me. (Side note: this is the only book on my readathon tbr that does not have a male lead! Well, apart from all the hot boys in this book anyways.)

Pages: 416; Potential CP + 41 


For the Earth Badge, I am reading *gulps* The Maze Runner by James Dashner. The time has come for me to face my darkest fears. To go down the path of glory, one must chose a worthy foe. After passing all through those gyms, this one will finally be the ultimate challenge. Can I do it? (And it’s the only post-apocalyptic book on my book stack so…) Plus look at this face waiting for me:


Pages: 374; Potential CP + 37

Overall CP: 255 +

Well that’s about it. Also, if you guys need help in counting CP’s, I will update this page soon with the link to the CP counter my friend and I made especially for this readthon. We’re just working on the design now. That’s all for now.

Are you guys joining this readathon? Let me know in the comments below! Maybe we could make a little team? *winks*


Random Recommendations: Dream Cast for YA Male Leads


You know that feeling while reading a certain book, you imagine someone perfect for the role that you just go on full fangirl overload? For sure, it makes your reading experience a whole lot more exciting. You’re not dealing with blank faces anymore. Your mind generated the perfect human being who can play the role.

Since I cannot stop obsessing over male leads, (Made a book club, most of books reviewed are generally books with male leads… you get the idea right?) I wanted to share who I imagined for the part of my favorite male leads, if ever their book gets made into a movie. But in all honesty, why hasn’t Hollywood made these fantastic books into movies yet? I mean, come on.

Onto the recommendations!

Side note #1: I may or may not have stalked IMDB’s list of actors under the age of 30. You did not read anything….

Side note #2: No, I did not want to cast Logan Lerman on every one of these guys. #sarcasm

(Apparently, this has become a staple thing in my blog and I am just laughing at it.)


Leonard Peacock (Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock)

Emory Cohen

original image via @HOLLYWOOD

This guy popped out of nowhere. I was actually done reading the book, and Leonard had this blank face in my head the whole time. So when I saw Emory Cohen, I immediately screamed “Oh my goodness! That’s Leonard Peacock.” He shaved his head, and it was like I saw Leonard manifested on the screen. He has stared in Brooklyn alongside Saoirse Ronan (the girl from the movie adaptation of The Host) I have no idea what Channing Tatum is waiting for. Cast this guy already and make the movie already.

Here he is in Brooklyn:


Ezra Faulkner (The Beginning of Everything)

Taron Egerton

original image via Tumblr

This may have been caused by my obsession over Kingsmen while reading the book. Taron was a fresh face, and he immediately made a smashing entrance with the aforementioned movie. So while I was reading The Beginning of Everything, all I had mind was Taron Egerton playing the broody Ezra Faulkner. He’d be fit as a tennis player, and as Ezra after the accident. Gosh, it made my reading experience a whole lot better.

Need I say more with this clip?


Miles “Pudge” Halter (Looking For Alaska)

Kodi Smit-McPhee

original image via Jay L. Clendenin / L.A. Times

I finally knew Nightcrawler’s name! I saw this guy when he was on Romeo and Juliet. And then I was surprised that he played Nightcrawler on the newest X-Men movie. When I think of Pudge, I think of tall people. I never understood what he looked like so I assumed he’s tall, pretty darn cute, and chill. Kodi looks like my friend who is hella chill all the time, plus he looks like someone who would fall hard for Alaska (calling dibs on Kaya). Hopefully, they will consider making that Alaska movie now.

Here he is in All The Wilderness:


Theodore Finch (All The Bright Places)

Nick Robinson

original image via Tumblr

He’s just perfect! It’s that unique eureka moment where everything falls into place. Nick Robinson already starred in a movie called Kings of Summer, and it was an instant fave for me. It was an indie young adult film, and I’ve been calling dibs on him since. His performance was quite angsty and rebellious! Now he has a new movie coming up, and I must say that my hunches where right. The part was made for him.

While stalking searching, I saw the trailer for Being Charlie. Then I went through the comments section and I was surprised when I saw this:


Coincidence? I think not. I think that movie proves that he is Finch material. *crossing my fingers that he will play Finch* He can be goofy, I know of it!

So here’s the clip from Kings of Summer:




Zander (All The Feels)

Zachary Gordon

image via joblo.com

Yes, he was Greg from Diary of A Wimpy Kid. Yes, he’s all grown up now. And yes, he’s perfect for the role of Zander! Liv would totally get all the feels if she has a Zander like Zach. Plus, imagine him in cosplay? Wimpy kid no more. 🙂


So what do you think? Should I make a part two? Hollywood should really hire me as a casting director already. (Semi-kidding.)

How about you? Who would you cast in those roles on this list? Who should I include on the next list? Share your thoughts and let’s fangirl over those people together!


P.S. Yes, I edited those photos. Original photographer credits/ site taken captioned on the respective photos.

The Fangirl Ways

Blogging Extravaganza

Get Up Offa That Slump Blogging Extravaganza is hosted by Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf.

Well, I could say that it was a pretty… non doing anything week before I disappeared. I’m also sad that I did not get the chance to do all of the activities for this certain blogging extravaganza. At least, it’s not because I am on a blogging slump. It was holy week here in the Philippines, and I had to do some… thinking.

The blogging extravaganza is over, but this post is special to me. I may or may not impart wisdom, and I will count on the stuff that I experienced whilst blogging.

Then again, this blog post is all about the ways of blogging. My ways, in particular. To be honest, I have no idea if I have a style yet. The only noticeable thing about my blogging is that I get super active when it gets to the middle of the month. Ughh self, why so weird? Yet it is clear that when one is a fangirl, one must have ways. Enlisted with the help of some GIFs, I am here to impart my fangirl ways. *roll credits*


Really itching to share your thoughts? There are more ways than writing a review.


Sometimes, your mind goes blank. You know the book is unique but you just can’t get that certain word out underneath your tongue. Yet you still get this feeling that you have said these things to another book you reviewed before. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this dilemma. In terms of being flexible with reviewing in a not so review-y format, I express myself through tags. But, I can’t always tend to tags, especially since I have a limited number of read books to choose from. So my advice is: get those creative juices flowing. I have tricks up my sleeve, too. I just haven’t typed it yet. #foreverprocrastinator

Wonder if you’re the only person who loves a certain genre? Find a book club. Can’t find one? Create one.


It wasn’t exactly a lack for me. It felt like it was a need. Not that I felt like I was alone, but I had this disturbing feeling that there weren’t enough bookworms that love male leads. Hence, I made the Fanboy Book Club. Based on my experience of perusing through goodreads for any book clubs, there weren’t any… And it felt underwhelming that fanboys do not get the same reception as fangirls. This is not a promotion, but rather, an invitation to create more book clubs. It’s a great way to spread the love you think a certain genre of books deserve.

Scared to read a particular book? Get some courage and find some reading buddies.


It is a great opportunity to open your doors to new books. Ones that you have been eyeing for a while and you still haven’t gotten around into reading. It is a great way to make new friends, because there’s something fun about sharing your views and opinions with another person. Reading buddies can tunnel friendships, especially if you particularly loved the book you buddy read with them. And I can prove this to you, since I met the most incredible people when I sought out reading buddies.

Does senpai not notice you? Well, senpai will if you deem yourself worthy.


I am just being honest here. When I first started out, I legit had this list of book bloggers that I want to interact with. I basically go all, “Senpai notice me.” Whenever I post something on my blog, I have this weird voice in the back of my head saying, “I hope senpai follows my blog and we can fangirl/fanboy together.” And sometimes, I also go, “How does senpai get all of those lovely books?”. I’m still a rookie, but here’s a tip: Senpai is really approachable. Maybe it will take some time for them to actually notice you, but in the end, it’s all worth it. When it’s a blog post comment or an “I feel you.” tweet, you and senpai will have a connection, because of your certain love for a particular thing.

Oh, and that list consisted of a lot of Filipino bloggers. And yes, I have interacted with some them. I just cannot wait to meet them IRL. Book signings, where are you at?

Take some time off once in a while to actually read.


Yes, yo do. Well, maybe if you’re a superhuman, you can blog and read at the same time. Blogging is essentially a vent, but in all honesty: it’s hard to blog if you have no content. Now since this is a book blog, it’s consisted of book recommendations, reviews and tags. Now imagine what would happen if I had this huge reading slump. My blog will go *croo croo* on me. It will only probably consist of TBR’s and wrap-ups. (Not that I have anything against it, I love reading wrap-ups and tbr’s.)
Yes, we need to read more books. And basically, every human being needs to read at least 10 books in their life.

Don’t be scared to get all fangirl-y or fanboy-y. It’s all part of the circle of life.


As smug as Leo’s face gets on this GIF above, it’s a toast to all the fangirls and fanboys out there. We all live in this one big happy community, who are all practically nice people. Being a fangirl/fanboy is life, and our lives are basically more exciting than others. Literally, since there’s always something to fangirl/fanboy at. Continue to support all those lovely authors, films, graphic novels, comic books, and basically anything beautiful our lovely fandoms have to offer. We rule the world. ❤

Well, this turned out more as an advice post than explanation of my ways. Although if you do analyze it, it kinda imparts my ways. My weird ways of handling stuff and being ridiculously random. But I do hope you learned something from this random post of mine.

Can someone teach me their ways? Comment below.



Blogging Extravaganza

Get Up Offa That Slump Blogging Extravaganza is hosted by Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf.

While I was gone for the week, I was having this weird conversation with myself:

“Hey, your laptop’s dead by the way?”

“Oh god whyyyyyyy”.

“Yeah. You’re basically ruined. You can’t blog. You can’t do your 3D. You can’t do make assets because you don’t have Photoshop, SAI, and Illustrator.”

So my perfect streak has failed. Believe me, I attempted to post everyday last week. But yes, thank you laptop. You failed miserably. You have served me well for 2 1/2 years. Alas, the fast-paced technology we have now is making you more obsolete every day. Nevertheless, nothing is going to stop me from doing what I want. Even if I am practically exposed using a desktop pc with a faulty keyboard. (Hey, better than my laptop since a lot of the keys don’t work anymore.)

On the bright side, this is my 100th post everyone! I want to thank you all for being such wonderful readers of my blog. I would not have stuck to this baby if I have not met such wonderful people out here on the blogosphere. If it were not for all the books, the movies, the tv shows and such, I don’t know what I would be doing with my life right now. (Probably panicking about our thesis, having a dilemma of having too many e-books to read, and having no persona.) Imagine that, it felt like I was just making my first post yesterday.

But enough of that. You clicked on this because of the Mad Libs. And that is what I am here to do.

Here I go take a shot doing mad libs. I feel like I have done this before. Or you, if you tried decoding my previous post about the book I really hate (and I still won’t tell you what that book is). Mad libs must be fun, since I watched that episode of HIMYM where Marshall got a book of mad libs from his mom.

“Fart went to the fart, farty fart fart”

Let’s get started!


  1. adjective
  2. noun
  3. noun
  4. something to sit on
  5. name of a male person
  6. place
  7. verb
  8. something you read online
  9. tech stuff
  10. where you read stuff online
  11. noun
  12. verb
  13. disguise yourself
  14. an action that needs hiding
  15. adjective
  16. another word for big

Here’s the Mad Lib:

IT’S A ____(1)____ CONVERSATION.
 I almost don’t __(2)___ I’m being __(3)_____. We’re sitting in ____(4)_____backstage, and ____(5)___ says, “I read your email.” 
“What?” I look up.
“Earlier. In the __(6)___. Not on purpose, obviously.”
“You __(7)____ my ___(8)___?”
“Well, I used the __(9)____ right after you,” he says, “and when I typed in ___(10)__, it pulled up your account. You probably should have logged out.”
I ___(11)___ at him, dumbfounded. He __(12)___ his foot against the leg of his __(4)___.“So, what’s the point of the __(13)_____?” he asks. 
Well. I’d say the point of the __(13)___ was to keep people like ___(5)___ from knowing my ___(14)___. So I guess that worked out ___(15)____.I guess he must have seen me sitting at the __(9)____. And I guess I’m a __(16)____ idiot.He actually smiles.

Here’s my answers:

 I almost don’t _realize_ I’m being __stared at__. We’re sitting in _makeshift sofas_ backstage, and __Thomas Brodie-Sangster__ says, “I read your __fanfiction_.” 
“What?” I look up.
“Earlier. In the __classroom__. Not on purpose, obviously.”
“You __saw__ my _fanfiction_?”
“Well, I used the __laptop__right after you,” he says, “and when I typed in _fanfiction.net_, it pulled up your account. You probably should have logged out.”
I __gawked__ at him, dumbfounded. He _stomps__his foot against the leg of his __side of the sofa_.“So, what’s the point of the __image persona___?” he asks. 
Well. I’d say the point of the ___image persona___ was to keep people like _Thomas Brodie- Sangster__ from knowing my _super secret fanfiction about him_. So I guess that worked out __perfectly__.I guess he must have seen me sitting at the ___laptop___. And I guess I’m a __enormous__ idiot. He actually smiles.

I would like to thank my brain for making this really ridiculous. Actually, if I had the liberty, I’ll answer it like Marshall Eriksen. But I’m not.

Huzzah! Now let me just stare at that 100 posts greeting from WordPress hahaha. And also, yes. I am a huge fan of you-know-who. The part about the fanfiction is not true though. 🙂


Book Spine Poetry… YET AGAIN

Blogging Extravaganza

Get Up Offa That Slump Blogging Extravaganza is hosted by Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf.

Nope, not an over-achiever here. I just want to deliver a simple poem this time, despite that huge amount of book spine poetry I did for Love-A-Thon (which you can find here ). This poem was inspired by The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead; a poem about how being interesting comes at a high price.

Some questions that you may ask:

No, I just randomly picked up books on my shelf. The ones that I haven’t used yet for the book spine poetry I did for Love-A-Thon.

It’s actually crazy because that was most of my books.

I did not mean to color code it.

My brain is weird like that.

2016-03-21 06.56.01-1

The Manifesto on How To Be Interesting,

is A Court of Thorns and Roses.

As we are The Elite,

We Were Liars.

To save The Future of Us.

Also, where is my mad libs post you say? I have my full explanation on my mad libs post, don’t you worry. ♡

Do you love doing book spine poetry? If I only had a lot of books, I swear I will always post poetry.


More Happy Than Not Tag

Blogging Extravaganza

Get Up Offa That Slump Blogging Extravaganza is hosted by Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf.

The Fanboy Book Club read for the month of March is hosted by MC at Blame It On the Books.

Hitting two birds with one stone gives such a wonderful feeling. I did not mean for this to happen though, but it is really something else. More Happy Than Not is a ridiculously good book that I cannot fathom with right now. And with this tag, I get to express myself more than usual.


Okay, in case you have not yet heard of this tag yet, this is the More Happy Than Not Tag. This tag is originally created by Miel at Bookish and Awesome (who is on a hiatus right now because… stuff. But I do admire his blog because it was one of those blogs that I admired from afar when I was still too shy to approach anyone.) I don’t think anyone has tagged me for this. But I’m getting off a blogging slump and fulfilling Fanboy Book Club duties at the same time. So without further ado, onto the tag we go.


When I get to draw like crazy because inspiration strikes hard, I am more happy than not.

When people commend me for my writing, I am more happy than not.

When I don’t remember how I usually embarass myself because of my clumsiness, I am more happy than not.

When my friends remember me for reasons that they just want to talk to me, I am more happy than not.

When I get to edit AMV’s, kinetic typography, and music videos without my pc or application lagging, I am more happy than not.

When people say that I am too grade concious, I am more happy than not.

When I finish a really good book and finally give it a well-deserve 5 star rating, I am more happy than not.

When I get to buy books, I am more happy than not.

When I get to post on my blog, I am more happy than not.

And last but definitely not the least, when I hear my family sleep safe and sound during the night while I am still awake, I am more happy than not.

Huzzah. Well, this tag brings out the best out of you. So hey, I’ll tag the bloggers that I am more happy than not to have the pleasure of meeting/interacting.

Trisha at The Bookgasm Blog

Bea at Beatrice Learns to Read

Bea at When Curiosity Killed The Cat

Maan at The Pigeon Reads

Joan at Fiddler Blue

Dee at The Bookish Khaleesi

Windie at The Geek Apprentice

Hope you guys will enjoy doing the tag as much as I did. If you have already done the tag, it’s okay to ignore it. But if want to do it again, hey! It proves that you have a lot to be happy about.

What makes you more happy than not? Comment below 🙂


Inspirational, Badass, and Strong Women in Fiction

Blogging Extravaganza

Get Up Offa That Slump Blogging Extravaganza is hosted by Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf.

Payback time, I guess? Yay for consistent blogging! And it’s time that I talk about women on my blog. I mean, after years and years of fighting for equality, we finally get the limelight. And these fictional women shine on it. I know that this post is a little late for women’s day, but I know that there’s a lot of them out there. If men have heroes to look up to, these are the women that has inspired women to aim high, reach for their goals, and aspire to become a good role model.

To be honest, I often just feature male leads here on my blog. So I guess that has to change. Because as I grow as a book blogger, I discover more books with strong and empowering female leads that I can tolerate. While the cliches are out there, these women stand out in every way possible.

Hermione Granger


No list of badass women is complete without Hermione Granger. She introduced the ways of being a girl. She proved that women can be pretty, knowledgeable and badass all at the same time. With her knowledge and wisdom, she guided every adventure Harry and Ron had. (Spoiler alert in Chamber of Secrets: she was already lying in bed and she still held the answers.) Without a doubt, Hermione served as a role model to girls my age. We wanted to grow up like her, with charisma and thirst for knowledge. And admit to ourselves that we are beautiful, every now and then.

Annabeth Chase


Daughter of Athena, a skilled fighter, and a master architect, Percy Jackson definitely made a decision that Athena herself would have been proud of. But that doesn’t mean that Annabeth Chase does not shine on her own. She can be tough, strong, and wise. Oh Seaweed Brain, Annabeth’s the best. Never let her go.

Linh Cinder


I am fresh off from finishing Cinder. And I can tell you that once I come in contact with another human being that will discuss it with me, I will never shut up. And I’ll tell you why: Cinder is one of a kind. I love a good fairy tale retelling but her story took it to the next level. She’s that kind of heroine who knows how to think. But she underestimates herself too much. Although, I understand that since Adri really messed her up. Yet, she bites back. She fights back her stepmother’s ridiculous remarks, and that to me shows courage. That if you know that you’re being hurt, you do something about it. That makes Cinder reach a spot in this list.

Kady Grant


Hear me out. This might not have been what Kady looked like based on some stuff on the book. Yet, I have a feeling that she’ll cut her hair sometime soon. But that’s not why she’s here. She is here because she is another one-of-a-kind heroine that just knocks you off your feet. I consider her as an idol, since she is very knowledgeable when it comes to coding and programming. Her brain is this huge swamp that I want to have for my own, because in the course that I’m taking up right now, she’s practically a superstar. I aspire to be as level-headed as Kady Grant. And she serves as a role model even to other girls out there.

Cather Avery


Of course I cannot leave out the ultimate fangirl. If I’m the ultimate fangirl, Cath is the original one. Now Cath is one amazing person because you can see her grow as a person whilst reading Fangirl. She entered this world where a lot can happen, will really challenge you as a person, test your morals, and will test you to keep yourself together. Also known as: college. Cath faced a lot of difficulties, and she went to do what her heart wants to do. Her unwavering courage is amazing. Plus, she’s the amazing author behind that one fanfiction. Her writing skills are mad genius. I would kill to get writing lessons and writing advice from Cath. And also pro tips on how to fangirl properly.

Alright. That’s about it. Who are your favorite female leads and why do you think they serve as a good role model? No spoilers for Scarlet, Cress and Winter, okay? I know you guys will include them. Now, I’ll just stalk Sarah J. Maas recap posts.


An Interview with Self + Chandler Bing GIFs

Blogging Extravaganza

Get Up Off That Slump Blogging Extravaganza is hosted by Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf.

Due to prior stuff that happened to me this week, I was deemed invalid to whip up blog posts. I had to leave, because the stuff that happened was more important than anything else in the world. Funny thing is, after I signed up to do this, I received a text regarding the important stuff that I needed to do.

I joined in Get Out of A Blogging Slump event, seeing that I really need more motivation to blog. It’s not that I ran out of content or anything, because believe me, I have drafts to prove those. I needed a way to blog more, and huzzah. Rachel came to the rescue and here we are. Now, I feel like I’m in the mood. And I am so pumped. Anyways, I conducted an interview with myself so let’s get started. Be warned of the Chandler gifs though. They are really accurate and that’s what I feel like because this will be another obviously me interview.


Hello Bianca. How you doin?

Nice use of the Joey catchphrase, Bianca. *winks* I’m doing great. A little nervous about the thesis, but over everything else, great.

You must be tired of having to ask yourself this question often but, how much do you love Harry Potter?

More than anything else in the world. It’s life. It’s my core fandom, and if I will ever have any kids, I will pass down some huge information. Harry Potter got me into reading in the first place, so it is only fair that I give it the love it completely deserves.

Any other bookish friends you should be telling the blogosphere about?

The only non-bookish person in my life is my sister. Each of friends have a specific genre, but of course they also read YA. Yup, even my parents are bookish people.

Are you quite the introvert or extrovert?

I’m actually an ambivert. A very lousy one at that. Sometimes, I am friendly as fudge. And then the next thing I know, I want some lonely time and it wouldn’t even bother me. But you can never make me start the conversation. Or say hi first.

What are you studying about, since you mentioned thesis for the -enth time already in so many blog posts?

IT, with arts. Nothing much, it’s like multimedia arts but it has IT. //crey

… And that’s it. I am so random. I swear those questions are not even interconnected. I just wrote randomly because my brain does not even know how to word. It happens sometimes. Although, things have been good to me this week. I finished a book and honestly, I cannot wait to gobble more because I am on a roll. Someone get the second book of this series!!!