Beat the Backlist 2018


Hey there! Spoiler alert: I already set a reading goal for 2018. Aside from the Goodreads challenge, (which by the way, I will only set to 12 books) and many more that I will probably join at the spur of the moment, I want to focus on reading books that I have missed in the two years that I have been blogging. Lately I have noticed that I pushed some books aside that I know I should not have even if life got in the way. Also, looking back at my reading stats for 2017, majority of what I read were released this year. While that idea is good, I centered my attention to new releases. I love new releases, but I want to read what I missed. Upon dawning on this, I decided to make 2018 the year to catch up on my reading backlog.

Luckily, Beat the Backlist 2018 by Novel Knight came at the right time. It matched my 2018 resolution perfectly, so I knew I had to join! I love how the challenge is year-long, and I set my own goals while reading at my own pace. It also gives me a chance to read the amazing titles released this year that I did not get to read. This nifty post of mine will serve as my official entry.

The guidelines are simple (in case you want to join, too!):

  • The challenge will run from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018.
  • Books must be released¬†prior¬†to 2018 to count for this challenge.

Easy enough, right? I love a good challenge, and apparently I get to do it with a team as well. Plus points too, that there is a bookstagram challenge in it as well. I have been feeling extra, (a term will call myself for being hyperactive for the internet, haha) so I’m joining that one as well. Let’s see how it goes.

Now, knowing my oh-so-ridiculous brain, I will be sharing some of the books that I have my eye on and want to read next year:



I’m part of the Book Bards team!

Now time to chat!

Have you made reading plans for 2018 yet?

Have you joined any challenges to go the extra mile for your reading game?

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