Rainy Day Thoughts: What Did I Miss?

Am I back from the dark abyss? Am I back from the pit of inactivity? Am I back from the black hole of death?

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I feel like I’m Thomas Jefferson in writing this post. I feel like I have missed a lot of things that happened around here in our community. If you’re a new follower, hello there! Welcome to the weirdness and randomness of my brain. You may proceed to your right and in there, you can find a post that probably has dust. Still okay to read, but it’s kinda old. And if you’re someone who stuck by me and my random posts from the beyond: CAN I GIVE YOU HUG, YOU WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING?

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So where was I? The dark abyss. The pit of inactivity. The black hole of death. Okay kidding, I was busy with my studies. I have been so out of loop ever since I started working on massive projects and life-changing duties. The only time that I had was dedicated into writing blog posts for blog tours, for book club, and a few blogging prompts here and there. I forgot how to socialize and at least be like my old self where I comment on posts for being awesome. (And they are awesome guys. The people I follow here on WordPress have the most incredible minds.) If it were not for those tours, I would have not read anything at all. I tried coming back, and to be honest, most of the posts that I actually managed to get through was basically done in a rush. It was not really nice to be able to blog at all, because I felt helpless. (Let’s count how many Hamilton references I can put in one blog post. We stop now. Lol) I cannot spare time to just sit down and write, and even if I did, I spent hours and hours writing basically nothing. For example:

“No graphics. No pretty designs and stuff like that. Maybe I will use bold or italicized letters if I will ever make out a point or two. I just want to take a breather today and finally put a stop to horrible thoughts.

Because of some of the stuff in my personal life, I am awake until 3 am in the morning everyday. There were days where I faced the next day without a wink of sleep. My sleeping pattern is in chaos. There are some days where I just want to stop everything and turn back to doing the thing I love: blogging.

But as I was typing this post, I keep getting these thoughts in my head to stop typing. My fingers hurt for who knows whatever reason why, I want to open another tab (and I did after typing it), I want to work on other stuff, and”

That one took 4 hours to write. I knew it was a slump, because the temporary title was “Have I Lost My Blogging Mojo?”. But don’t worry, I am only partially dead. I know the current issues that are taking place, and I know what current releases are to die for and what not. Yet what is the use of knowing what is out there if I cannot connect with the people who I can talk to about it?

So let’s start fresh, if you’re a new book blogger, say hi in the comments! Link me a blog post of yours and I will leave a comment. If you’re a cool person keeping tabs on my blog, I promise to hop by your blog soon! Maybe one day, you’ll see a comment there or two. 🙂


Let’s bring back light and enthusiasm back into this blog. And now, where exactly am I headed? I think I’m going places, I guess? A lot of opportunities have opened up since I last posted. I joined a lot of happenings, I got accepted into something, and I have some very exciting news. I am planning on revamping the book club, and hopefully get to host an international giveaway soon for that milestone? In other words, I want to be able to communicate with the book blogging community and share my voice as much as possible. I’m still bombarded with a lot of work, but we can manage through that if I really want to make these promises possible.

No more brb’s from here. This fangirl is here to stay. 🙂


P.S. I HOARDED MORE BOOKS THAN EVER. AND I HAVE BEEN READING MORE THAN USUAL. ASDFGHJKL; Yeah, I will make sure to include all of it in my wrap-up. Har har.