Fangirl Issues: Being A Neurotic Reader

Fangirl Issues

It all started when I decided to go to my Goodreads page. The amount of books that I have read this year is pretty low, considering that this was the year that my bookshelf was revamped and was fed more books.tumblr_lmayp5yjCf1qafrh6Then I realized that I just read one book in October. Yes, I read some chapters to keep me calm under the state of pressure (finals month). I switch through a lot of books because some of them lure me in their ebook format – but as I said before, I want a physical copy so that I could finish the whole thing. I mean sure, I read some stories because I joined something. Does that count? Still, I’m juggling a lot of books.anigif_enhanced-982-1432235818-11One night, it dawned on me. I must be a neurotic reader. I mean, I have no TBR’s. I read whatever floats my boat. I just pick whatever I want. Then they pile up. And I go “Ahhhhhh”, because I started on a lot of books and the information is cramped. So many books…tumblr_mb641bl1Iz1r1guvio1_500.gifI got the term “neurotic” from Jasmine at Jasmine Pearl Reads. It was a question she once asked while she was hosting a #WeekendYAParty chat. I realized it then, and I was equally proud. But is it really something to be proud of if you’re doing a book blog and barely review anything?godZwzuThat being said, it’s hard to be a neurotic reader. I don’t even know how to even deal with it. I am fully aware of what is up with me, yet you may be thinking: Why don’t I just make a TBR for every month. Sadly, I can’t. I never stick to it.┬áDo I succumb to creating TBR’s? Uhmm no. And I’ll explain why. Since I am a neurotic reader, my TBR’s will be proven useless. For the reason that I will switch to books that are not on my TBR list. Self-control issues? I don’t know.

Do you guys know how to solve the problems of a neurotic reader like me?

Is it even curable?

HELP.giphy (4)

The dark side of the Force is seducing me.